Top 6 Shampoo in My mini haul

Hi all today i am sharing my haul of shampoo which i bought for hair care. I have normal hairs but with split ends and i have dandruff issue also. I am using Anti dandruff Shampoo from a long time . Now i decided to try other shampoos as well which i like the most 🙂

Have a look at my haul


1. Pert : 

This is No.1 in my list. Yes my most favorite is Pert Shampoo for damaged hair it has a nice smell keep hair soft and smooth. It contains Chamomile extracts which helps to nourish your hairs and protect from damage. Great hair No Fuss 😉

*It has availability issues . Sometimes it is difficult to find it in the stores


2. Head n Shoulders:

Head n shoulders classic clean for everyday use wash away the dandruff and gives a soft and fresh look to my hair. Head n Shoulders is the one of the top brand used worldwide.

* but the main problem i that the dandruff came back when you stop using it.

3. Sunsilk:

Sunsilk another famous brand in the market . My pick is Susnilk Shine and strenght for normal hairs by Jamal Hamadi. It gives your hair shiny and healthy look enriched with Nutri Shine technology .

*smell so good

4. Pantene:

Pantene smooth and silky is for rough frizzy hairs . It ha intense nourishing formula that helps to lock humidity .

5. Vatika Shampoo:

My pick is Vatika moisture shampoo for dry dry unmanageable hair . its main ingredient is “Argan” which moisturize and makes hair soft and silky.

20150502_195433 20150502_195441

6. Dove:

Last but not the least hair fall dove shampoo with nutrilock actives claim to reduce hair fall due breakage try it as well 🙂

Need your opnion:

Which shampoo do you prefer ???? That gives positive results ???


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