Chicken Karahi recipe

Hi all, I have not posted any recipe since a long time . Today I made Chicken Karahi  , it was delicious and spicy . Chicken karahi is one the most popular food in Pakistan . So i am sharing this recipe with all of you 🙂



Chicken                1/2 kg

Tomatoes              7,8

green chilies         5

salt                        1tbsp

Red pepper           1 tbsp

Black pepper          1/2tsp

tumeric powder       a pinch

yogurt                   1/2 cup

oil                            half cup

Recipe : 

Put half cup oil in a wok or deep pan . Add chicken , cover the pot and fry it on high flame for 10 minutes or till it gets light brown , during this period move chicken pieces with spoon upside down. now add round slices of tomatoes in the chicken cover the pot and cook it for 10 mints more . add salt , red pepper , black pepper, green chilies , turmeric powder  and  yogurt and cook it till spices leave the oil . Chicken karahi is ready

To enhance flavor and make it spicy

In the last take 4tbsp of oil heat it and add cumin, red chili flakes ,dry coriander seeds . pass this oil through the strainer add it to chicken karahi. Remove tomato skins from gravy as it don’t looks good in gravy.

Garnish chicken karahi with garlic and crushed coriander seeds and serve hot with naan 🙂

Hope u will like it


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