4 Easy Steps Of Cleansing

Hi all, today i will share with you my weekly routine of cleansing at home. For healthy skin and beautiful complexion it is necessary to cleanse and moisturize your face . It will give you a fresh look . you can do these steps before attending any party 🙂 why should you go to parlor when you can do these simple steps at your home so don’t waste your money.


Let me tell you these steps in brief

  1. Cleansing
  2. Scrubbing
  3. toning
  4. Mask

1. Cleansing :

The step to to massage your face and neck in  upwards, circular motion with cleanser or moisturizing milk for 15 minutes with your finger tips and the then remove it with cotton or wet sponge . This step will remove dirt from your skin and make it baby soft. I use olivia moisturizing cleansing milk for it  which contains aloe vera  , which can also used to remove makeup. So this is 2 in 1 cleansing milk.


2. Scrubbing :

Next step is scrubbing. You can use any scrub but i prefer blesso whitening apricot scrub  which contains apricot extract and multivitamins. Blesso products contain halal ingredients20150428_185838

that’s why i prefer them . Apply scrub on your face and neck and gently massage with soft hands for 10 mints especially on your nose and chin . This will help to remove black and white heads. And then clean your face with water.



After cleansing toning is essential because it helps to control excess oil, refine pores and providing anti-aging nourishment. It helps to prevent common skin problems. wet cotton ball with tone and apply it on face for 5 minute then rinse with water. I use clean & clear oil control toner.


 4. Applying Mask: 

The final step is to apply any herbal or whitening mask to tone, firm and lift your skin for a younger and healthy look. It also helps to close pores . Apply mask for 10 minutes and then wash your face thoroughly with warm water or with face wash to remove remaining impurities. My favorites are aging from blesso whitening firming mask and facial herbal mud mask for bright and fair skin complexion.


Tada your skin freshness is restored 😉 Now feel it and enjoy . Hope you will like my post.

* note: if your skin feel dry apply moisturizing skin in the last 🙂


10 thoughts on “4 Easy Steps Of Cleansing

  1. The MyChelle peel can help with the appearance of pores but you can’t really shrink them. If they’re really visible it could be a sign of dehydrated skin. I’m currently using Vichy Aqualia moisturiser and that’s helping a bit

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  2. For my weekly routine I do pretty much the same but with different products. My favourite mask at the moment is MyChelle incredible pumpkin peel, it’s more pricey than masks but makes your skin look and feel amazing and helps fade any scarring

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