Nisa lovely whitening urgent facial

Nisa is a Pakistani brand having whitening soap , cream and may other products in the market. Recently they have launched urgent whitening facial with Aloe Vera and Olive extracts which looks promising for quick results in getting fair complexion and even skin tone . So i thought to give it a try .


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PUREDERM Moisturizing Cucumber pack

Purederm Moisturizing cucumber pack is a wash-off mask which i got from skin18 in my 2nd package for review purpose. This is the first time i used wash off mask from Skin18. So today i will share a short review on it .

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Conatural Instant glow face mask with Radiance oil

Why to choose Natural Products?

Many traditional skin care products can contain endocrine-disrupting phthalates or parabens. While these poisons can cause reproductive issues, they’re also linked to increased cancer risk, and studies also suggest the more products you use, the higher toxic concentrations can get in your body. So it is better to use natural and organic products not only as a food but also for body skin and hair. I have used other natural , organic products you can read my review here


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Cracare Aloe soothing Mask for Wrinkle free Skin

This is the first time i have seen the Cracare company’s mask. Cracare is providing 4 types of masks which are anti aging soothing,  anti aging collagen, anti aging hyaluron , and anti aging snail repairing mask. All of them are 3 step masks. I am reviewing the Anti aging Aloe soothing 3 steps mask.


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Luke Total Skin solution

Luke provides a wide range of skin solutions from eyes, nose to face , Recently i have reviewed their Nose trip you can read it here . Today i will share my review on two products , one is face mask and other is eye patch.


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Blippo Kawaii Giveaway and review

Hello Friends, today i am teamed up with Blippo to arrange a giveaway of cute products for all of you. Blippo is an online shop having cute , adorable stationary , fizzy pop drinks, purses , bags , phone accessories, jewelry. and much more on their website.

Let me share you first the surprise Kawaii box i got from .

20161005_151002 (2).jpg

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Beauty Friends II Red Ginseng mask

I have read a lot that Red ginseng has amazing benefits for skin , but never used it in my life . Ginseng is health benefiting ingredient and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine.This herb can influence your health and beauty in various ways. Red ginseng extract is believed to have antioxidant, immuno stimulatory and anti-aging properties.Today i will share my view on Beauty friends II red Ginseng sheet mask which got from skin18


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