Skin Guardian 3 Step Aqua facial mask

Guardian is a korean skincare brand having 6 types of sheet masks which are Aqua, soothing, wrinkle, collagen, whita whitening and pore. This is a 3 step mask which includes bubble cleanser , ampoule and sheet mask . The sheet mask is made up of natural cellulose which provides maximum absorption. Today i will review the Aqua mask .2017-07-07 15.53.34.jpg

Aqua Mask:

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Grinif Real Tea tree Empoule mask

This the first time I heard about tea tree to be used for a mask. So let’s see what are the benefits of tea tree Empoule ad a mask .

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Luke Total Skin solution

Luke provides a wide range of skin solutions from eyes, nose to face , Recently i have reviewed their Nose trip you can read it here . Today i will share my review on two products , one is face mask and other is eye patch.


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Luke Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strip

Black Heads are the most common problems among all. I have the same problem due to which i have tried many nose strips, masks and creams. Here is another nose strip i tried in the past by Skin18.


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