24 k Gold elixir by Mehrunisa

Gold Elixir is a fast absorbing, light-weight beauty oil. Infused with 24k gold and some other natual ingredients . Ithe is a natural mineral used to help skin look visibly younger and radiant. It is difficult to know that which Today I will share my experience about 2k gold elixir by mehrunisa. 
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24k gold elixir by mehrunisa :

This gold elixir is newly launched by mehrunisa.  They claimed that it is made up of pure gold and natural oils that help to make skin bright and fair .

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Ingredients :

24 k gold , almond oil , olive oil , lemon oil , orange oil , vitamin e , b2 , a and k. Zinc .

* no preservatives added

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6000 pkr

Available at insta_shopping_pak

Shipping worldwide

How to use :

Shake well before use and apply few drops of elixir on face in night. You can also use it as primer before makeup.

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It’s gold:

Yeah the real 24k gold is used in making of this gold elixir

2017-09-13 15.29.52.jpg

My thoughts :

This elixir has a pleasent smell of lemon and orange.  The texture is so light and absorbs into skin well. It is highly concentrated with gold particles , I have never seen any serum this much concentrated. Stweet almond  oil helps to brighten up skin and citrus works as cleansing agent. It is enriched with vitamins and minerals.  I am using it it from 8 days and feeling my skin better and more smooth than before. For more visible results you should have to use it regularly for 30 days. I am happy with the results.  Will recommend it to all of you.





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