How to identify fake dermacol

The internet world is raving about dermacol makeup cover now a days . They claim that it is world’s most covering foundation.  It hides pimples, tattoos and other imperfections on the skin. We all know that when a new product get famous , it’s copies starts circulating fast and sometimes I got difficult to identify the real product from the fake one.

2017-07-26 18.32.35.jpg

So today I will tell you what’s the difference between a fake and a real dermacol. Be careful while buying it.

1. Fake dermacol pack has a  shiny look of the design made on it while the real one is low and dim.

2017-07-26 18.40.52.jpg2017-07-26 18.47.32.jpg

2. The tip of fake dermacol has 4 edgy sides while the real one is smooth round. 2017-07-26 18.56.53.jpg2017-07-26 19.01.16.jpg

3. The tube ending of fake one will be rough while real one is smoothly pressed and closed.

2017-07-26 19.04.01.jpg2017-07-26 19.05.21

4 . Fake dermacol will not cover your skin fully e.g tattoos, marks etc

2017-07-26 19.09.48.jpg

Hope you will find this information helpful. 😊😊 have a nice day


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