JOLSE Rivecowe Bubble Mask Pack Review

I have tried many Korean sheet mask brands but never got a chance to try bubble mask. The name itself is interesting.  This time I got Rivecowe Bubble mask pack by jolse2017-07-15 20.11.05.jpg

This mask contains corbonated water which is used to generate bubble. The main features of this mask is to deep cleanse , moisturise and the unique self massage. 2017-07-15 16.48.35.jpg The packaging color of this mask is pink which is so cool to look and attractive.  The discounted price of it is 7.18 $ on jolse . As soon as you open the pack the bubbles starts generating quickly.






So apply this mask soon after opening the pack. It is used to remove impurities and sebum from the skin.

My thoughts :

It is really good.  The fun part is the sound bubbles appearing and popping on the mask while wearing this mask . This process is called the self massage system and it is really good.






Apply this mask for 3 -5 minutes and then wash with water.  This mask is also good for  oily skin as it removes all the impurities from the skin and make clean and clear . You must try it . I will use it again too. ☺


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