Skin Guardian 3 Step Aqua facial mask

Guardian is a korean skincare brand having 6 types of sheet masks which are Aqua, soothing, wrinkle, collagen, whita whitening and pore. This is a 3 step mask which includes bubble cleanser , ampoule and sheet mask . The sheet mask is made up of natural cellulose which provides maximum absorption. Today i will review the Aqua mask .2017-07-07 15.53.34.jpg

Aqua Mask:

Aqua mask is used for heaalthy soft and smooth skin. The pack claims that it is

100% Moisturizing

95% Revitalizing

90% Brightening

It soothes, plump and prevents the skin from aging.2017-07-07 15.49.50.jpg


2.30$ at

How to use:

Iti ncludes 3 steps. Let’s start with no1

Step 1 ( Bubble Cleanser):2017-07-07 15.50.51.jpg

Open the pack and wait for bubble then gently rub onto your face and then wash your face.

Step 2 (Booster Ampoule):

It has runny lotion like texture apply itonto your face and that’s it.2017-07-07 15.51.33.jpg

Step 3 (cellulose sheet mask):

This cellulose sheet mask will stick well to your skin . leave it on your face for 15 to 20 minutes and then remove. If your your skin feel heavy or oily remove excess essence with tissue or cotton.2017-07-07 15.52.50.jpg

My thoughts:

These steps are fun and really interesting. The bubble cleanser will remove impurities and unclog closed pores. 2017-07-07 15.55.20It will also moisturize your skin. The ampoule bosster is for glowing ,  bright and clear skin tone but you cannot get the results in one application.2017-07-07 15.56.10.jpg Use it atleast twice a week for visible results. The final step of sheet mask assures the maximum absorption of essence into the skin for better results.2017-07-07 15.54.13.jpg Overall i am satisfied with this sheet mask, will use it again.


*this masks is give to me by skin18com for review purpose. However my review is based on honest thoughts.




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