Babyliss Homelight Connected G940SDE Review

Hair removal has come a long way since its humble IPL beginnings. The good news is that we now have a far more effective hair removal offering available to us in the form of lasers. IPL stands for intense pulsed light, and it is a form of light therapy, used for various dermatological procedures including hair removal. Let me review Babyliss Homelight Connected G940SDE today.2017-07-01 20.28.01



BaByliss Homelight Connected IPL Hair Removal is an at-home laser hair removal system with intense pulsed light epilation (IPL). It removes hair on the face and body safely, effectively, and permanently. The system synchronises with a smartphone or tablet to guide the user through each treatment. It counts the number of flashes used per treatment, journals every treatment and schedules a follow-up reminder in the smartphone or tablet calendar. Each individual treatment can be customised.

2017-07-01 20.10.38.jpg

Price :

I bought this on in a discounted price 750 SAR from ksa website

Packaging includes :

Protective glasses, face filter , light intensity levels and charger2017-07-01 20.11.15.jpg

Description :

The epilation procedure produce a pulse of light that targets the hair follicles melanin and remove the hair painlessly.  It dermatologicaly and clinically tested so that you can remove hairs at home.

Features :

  • It is customised follow up to exclusive smartphone app.
  • It has two modes one is continuous flash release and other is manual flash mode.
  • The application surface is 3cm2 .2017-07-01 20.14.14
  • It has contact sensor and protective glass.
  • 5 intensive level to fit each skin colour type
  • Face filter for face and sensitive areas2017-07-01 20.14.41.jpg

How many times it can be used:

It contains lifetime  130000 flashes . It think which are enough for single person treatment.

How to Use :

Shave the are you want get epilated .  Select the intensity level according to your skin color.  Switch it on (must wear the protective glasses) put the device onto the skin . Skin must be fully contacted with the device otherwise it wouldn’t flash . That’s it .

My thoughts :

It is a painless method to remove unwanted hairs from your skin. It cost lower than market laser hair removal method. So it is worth to buy. Don’t apply any skincare product or go in sunlight 24 hours before and after using it. The first four sessions should be two weeks apart . Then use it after 1 month.


  • Cheap than laser treatment
  • Painless
  • Give better results
  • Easy to use


  • For larger areas it will be difficult to remember that on which area you have already used pulses.
  • Not for very dark skin

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