Grinif Real Honey and Cocoon mask

Last time I tried the Grinif Real tree mask you can read the review in my previous post.  Today I will review two more masks of Grinif which are honey and cocoon masks. 2017-06-15 22.32.32.jpg

Grinif Real masks are Cellulose mask packs with Empoule extraction that revitalise and moisturize your skin. Cellulose masks contain more essense than the thick one plus it attaches to the skin more firmly. These Grinif masks are suitable for all skin types. Let’s start with the honey ampoule.2017-06-15 22.55.23.jpg

Grinif Real Honey mask:

Honey helps to keep your skin fresh and hydrated. It can also protect your skin from the damage by sun rays. Your skin will feel smooth and fresh .

2017-06-15 23.03.15.jpg

How to Use :

Clean your face with water. Place the mask onto your face for 10-20 minutes. Pat the remaining essence onto your hands and feet 😉

Grinif Real Cocoon mask:

Cocoon is used to give brightness to your skin plus it also rejuvenate old skin . It also contains elastic collagen which repair the micro damage.

2017-06-15 23.01.41.jpg

Where to buy :

You can buy this mask from website for 2.40 $


*note : these masks are given to me by for review purpose. However my review is based on honest thoughts.


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