Mirum Fresh Fruit Pomegranate mask

I have tried many of the sheet masks in the past . You can read my reviews on them. Today I will review  sheet mask of Mirum fresh fruit pomegranate mask .


Pomegranate mask

Mirum claims that this mask

Restore Skin Elasticity & Keep Skin Young.
– Pomegranate extract has an obvious tightening effect. It can keep your skin supple and elastic as well, helping you achieve a transparent and young looking skin.
– Relieve your skin from external stimulus.
– Mirum fresh fruit series provides your skin with marvelous hydration and nutrition. The dense and compact cotton mask sheet can be attached perfectly to your skin.

My thoughts

Mirum mask is  so smooth and relaxing you will feel fresh and hydrated skin after using it.  As far as tightening skin is concerned,  you should have to use it 5-6 times for clear result. All over it is a good mask and I will recommend it to others. You can buy it from Skin18.com .


  • Easy to use
  • Good smell
  • Hydrates skin




* This mask is given to me by Skin18 as pr . However my review is based on honest thoughts


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