Practk PALMAT Makeup brush Cleaning tool

Practk™ was created by the founders of Sigma Beauty®  According to Practk  their beauty gadgets are innovative, easy-to-use tools that simplify your beauty routine. Practk™ offers high quality and function at exceptional, every day prices. I got the Practk PALMAT makeup brush cleaning tool in my mail from Samantha and practk team , which i will review today .


Description :

The Palmat™ is a 2-in-1 brush cleaning tool that deep cleans your brushes to keep them just like new. Works great for those with a large brush collection or those with only one makeup brush. Small and portable, perfect for traveling!


  • Wear on palm to quickly clean brushes
  • Adjustable straps to fit any hand size; fits left or right hand
  • Suction to sink for hands-free cleaning
  • Wash + refine textures clean both face and eye brushes
  • Made of high-grade silicone
  • Free 2 year warranty

Packaging :

The packaging is really good and eye catching , specially the i like the color of the box and makeup cleaning tool . Further the silicone mat is packed in the plastic container . The mat is made of high quality silicone. You can see the unboxing video here 



Price :

9.95 $ available on

My thoughts :

This silicone mat is of good quality . it portable and easy to carry in your bag. There are 3 types of patented textures for face and eye brushes to wash and refine. You can wear it on your hand or you can place it in the sink for hand free cleaning.


There are suction cups on the back side to hold the mat in the sink. But i prefer to wear it on hand because i don’t want to put this beautiful mat in the sink 😛


I would recommend it to all the makeup lovers . It is a good brush cleaning tool in affordable price.


You can see the before and after cleaning the brush pics below






For cleaning brush video checkout the link given here




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