Cracare Aloe soothing Mask for Wrinkle free Skin

This is the first time i have seen the Cracare company’s mask. Cracare is providing 4 types of masks which are anti aging soothing,  anti aging collagen, anti aging hyaluron , and anti aging snail repairing mask. All of them are 3 step masks. I am reviewing the Anti aging Aloe soothing 3 steps mask.


This mask soothes and moisturize the skin and contain anti aging ingredients.



2.90$ on Skin18


20161007_232648 (2).jpg

It is interesting to use the Cracare mask in steps. Here are the steps:

  • Step 1 – Apply Anti-Aging Active Ampule (1.5ml)


After cleaning apply the moderate amount of ampule around eyes and lips.You can apply the remaining amount to your whole face or area of concern where you think the wrinkles are present. This ampule has a light cream like texture which absorbs well into the skin.

  • Step 2 – Apply Anti-Aging Mask Sheet (22ml)


Apply the mask sheet onto your face for 20-30 minutes. This sheet mask is of good quality nether thick nor thin , it adjusted easily on the face. While wearing this mask sheet you will feel relaxed and the scent of this mask is amazing.

  • Step 3 – Apply Anti-Aging Night Cream (2ml)


last step is to apply night cream. I prefer to apply it on whole face for the rest of night for good results.

My Thoughts:

Since my skin has no wrinkles, I applied it on my mother’s face to see whether it has anti aging properties or not . After the second step i see the wrinkles around eyes got filled for instance and remain filled for 2 days, which is good . The results are quick and visible. But for long time results you should have to use this mask for at least 3, 4 times. The scent is nice and enjoyable. I will prefer it to all who have aged skin.


  • Easy to use
  • travel friendly
  • visible results
  • smells good


  • None

*Note : This sample is given to me by skin 18 as PR. However , my review is based on honest thoughts


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