Lip gloss swatches

Hey Everyone,

Today i am going to share with you some local brands which are easily available everywhere in Pakistan in cheap prices that you can buy easily from the market . One is Becute and the other is Rivaj , i know you are familiar with the names .


I have reviewed the becute mousse you can check it here

So starting with the becute lipgloss


It comes in a plastic transparent container with light green colored cap on it . The texture is creamy and have bubble candy like smell. I like this shade.


It is very good for dry lips. But in summer it gets oily .


And now the rivaj lip gloss. Rivaj is a UK based company. It has a range of affordable prices  blush on, foundation, lipstick, lip glosses, nail lacquer and many more.



I bought the shade no 15 .


It has a shiny finish . with creamy texture , easy to apply . But this shade doesn’t look that much good like the becute lipgloss.



Have you tried these products?? Which one is your favorite??? tell me in the comments 🙂



2 thoughts on “Lip gloss swatches

  1. I have tried Rivaj uk lip gloss.pigmentation wise , some of these were good but not long lasting. The shades you picked both are lovely:)


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