Subscription Box Review

The Style Me Subscription box has been launched 2 months ago in Pakistan.It is a monthly subscription box which is consist of skincare , jewelry and beauty products. I was so excited to get it. This is the first time i bought the Style me Subscription Box which is May box. Here it is ..



I ordered it on 12 May and got my order just 3 days after it. The delivery is fast. It costs 2700Pkr .

You can buy your monthly box from their website

or from their facebook or instagram page


Style Me box Packaging is main thing that tempted me to buy it . It is beautifully packed pink color card box which is attractive . All items are packed in box carefully above the colorful papers which made them more cute.


Items inside the box:


I got five thin my box in which three are beauty , skincare products and one jewelry item and other is accessory . Let’s start from the jewelry



  1. Love Culture Statement Necklace:


This is a golden and black colored twisted statement necklace . It looks beautiful and perfect for both casual and formal wear.

Price : 2500

     2. Reindeer Collar Brooch:

It is a treny pair of leaf style golden colored collar brooch. But you can also put it on scarves or stole .


Price :1600


     3. Finger Tips Nail polish Set :

This set contains two nail polishes each of 7 ml .


price: 560 pkr

 4. Garden collection Boy wash:

I love to use body wash. It is a lavender body wash of 100 ml bottle. The smell is nice .


price :980

    5. Elf brightening Eye shadow:

It is consist of four shades . Luxuriously smooth, pigmented formula provides your eyes with a bright and beautiful sweep of rich color . The palette named as butternut.


Price : 800 pkr


My Verdict :

  • I like the necklace , body wash , brooch and eye shadow
  • but the nail polishes are of low quality and too much in price which is 560 pkr .
  • Another disappointment is that i didn’t get any beauty blender as they announced that 80 subscribers in may will get beauty blender in their box.
  • Plus the elf eye shadow is priced too much high 800 pkr. It is available in just 200 rupees in online stores and 1$ on elf website.
  • Screenshot_2016-05-15-01-35-21.png
  • The discount they are giving is nothing . These all product worth actually 2700 pkr not 6440 as they mentioned .
  • Although they are not charging the high prices then why to mention those prices which are false and then giving a discount . They should have to write the original prices . Obviously people will buy it if they are interested.
  • Screenshot_2016-05-15-01-35-30.png
  • The box is nice , beautiful and eye catching.
  • The delivery service is quick
  • I will buy it again if next box has some products of my interest



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