Becute Matte Finish Review Mousse

Mousse is used in place of a liquid foundation or powder . It is supposed to prevent the oily look that liquid foundation tends to cause. Although mousse matte foundation is costly than powder but i want to give it a try to get some new results . May be it is more useful than liquid foundations and powder 🙂 So i bought becute matte mousse. It is a local brand , having a nice packaging but there is no information regarding  the origin of this product/ country :/


The texture of this mousse is dense creamy smooth. It has a little scented smell. It is used to cover all the face area instead of powder or any foundation.


I bought the number M04 . It sounds weird to buy item from number instead of name but its ok. the price of this mousse is 350 pkr which is affordable 🙂



  • Spreads well on the skin.
  • But my skin feels dry after using it
  • May be it is more useful for oily skin
  • I will rate it 3 out of 5

My Question:

What do u prefer foundation, powder or mousse ?? If it is mousse which company’s mousse do you prefer???

fell free to comment 🙂


6 thoughts on “Becute Matte Finish Review Mousse

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