Naked 2 Urban Decay Mascara Review

hi friends, I will share today my most favorite mascara which i wear mostly is Naked 2 Urban decay Mascara. Naked 2 is already a hit brand their products are way too awesome no need to introduce this brand to you all 😉


Its packaging is nice . i am using this from 4 months so the box no more here that’s why i am unable take the pic of box ;p Naked 2 mascara gives extra strength to lashes and volumize to make them fuller look. Another good point is that it does not smudge 🙂 you can wear it all the day . It has non shiny thick consistency liquid which gives your lashes a natural look.

20150506_223707 20150506_223725

I like the brush a lot . This brush is styled in a technical way that it lash out perfectly and there is no use to seperate each hair with the little brush/comb. Just one stroke of Naked 2 urban decay mascara is enough 😉 or you may apply the second too.


I will give it 5 out 5 rating . What about yours?????


4 thoughts on “Naked 2 Urban Decay Mascara Review

  1. I am fad up of mascaras I have beautique,sweet touch,rivaj mascara.but useless.its volume make like plastic.irritating me .
    I will try this one.available in overall Pakistan?


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