Massarat Misbah Lauched Halal Makeup

I am a big fan of Massarat Misbhah. Massarat Mibah is the most respected and famous Pakistani beautician ,cosmetologist and philanthropist , who is also the founder of Depilex launched Halal makeup in Pakistan. Obviously whever we used cosmetics , the first thing came in our minds was what if this product have ingredients which are not halal. We get concious about the ingredients. Now this launch by Massarat misbah is such a relief 🙂 thanks to her .

Musarrat-Misbah mm

My favorites from her launch are



These stay on blushers are available in 5 colors each for just 820 pkr

Lip and Eye Varnish


These versatile 16 eye shadows each of 450 pkr and lip varnishes in 10 colors each of 650 pkr.

Liquid Lipsticks


Liquid lipsticks are my most wanted part available in 4 colors each of which cost 1100 pkr


Such a beautiful variety of fresh colors and much more . You can buy them on their website . Go and check other products on their website


7 thoughts on “Massarat Misbah Lauched Halal Makeup

  1. Her makeup is not certified halal. As a responsible beauty blogger you should ask her to show us certification or proof. You cannot just call something halal just like that. Please investigate for us Muslim makeup lovers.


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