My whishlist from Ipanema

As the summer is arrived . i have packed all my winter clothes and shoes for next winters. Arranging my wardrobe for summerfilled it up with summer clothes and some sandals. I was looking some new sandals and flip flops from the market and online as well. Flip flops are most ofently used footwear in summer by both man and women, because you can can feel comfortable 24/7 wearing all the time.

online shopping and surfing shopping websites is my favorite hobby. I found a nice website for a variety of flip flops which is

They are having a variety of flip flops and sandals for women man and for kids as well ūüėČ

They are delivering wordwide Plus this website is providing free delivery to UK mainlaind *FREE for orders of three or more pairs .¬†¬†is brazilian made having stylish design and a variety of colors at affordable price.Have a look at some flip flops…..

 Ipanema Platform Flip FlopIpanema Switch Straps Ipanema Leopard

for women 

My whishlist from

  1. Ipanema Victoria

 Ipanema Victoria Pink is my favorite color . this one has Bold metallic print embossed straps in a beautiful trailing floral pattern.

2. Ipanema Switch Straps

Ipanema Switch Straps¬†¬†One flip flop, three different looks! you can change the straps¬†to match with the color of your dress. Interesting isn’t it?? ūüėČ

3.  Ipanema Summer Love

<br /> Ipanema Summer Love  A cute heart shape on the straps available in 4 different colors. looks nice and simple

4.  Ipanema Festival Sandal

<br /> Ipanema Festival Sandal My most favorite classy sandal with adjustable ankle strap having gold or silver T-strap

Go and check there whole website other varieties ūüėȬ†

MY Opinion

1. I would like to buy them because i like their designs andi feel most comfortable in flips flops

2. I never tried those extra added straps and badges so they seems attractive to me

3. The price is a little bit high but when it comes to quality you cannot compromise so it is affordable ūüėČ

Do tell me in comments do u wear flipflops?  if yes then which one is your favorite?


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