Chicken roll paratha

Hi all i m sharing chicken roll paratha recipe with u . hope u like it



Chicken boneless  1/2 kg

chicken tikka powder 4tbsp

ginger garlic paste 1tsp

salt to taste


heat 2 tbsp oil and add chicken in it . fry it for 2 mints then add ginger garlic paste,salt and chicken tikka masala. cover the pan and let chicken cook for 15 mints on low flame. after it is fully cooked give it the smoke of charcoal to enhance flavor

20150411_203145-2 (1)

For paratha

flour  1/2 kg

oil 2 tsp

salt to tase

mix thes ingredients and and knead it with water . cover it and  place it in the kitchen for soft roti


Mayo Garlic sauce(chutney):

yogurt 4tbsp

Mayonese 4tbsp

garlic paste 1/2tsp

salt and black pepper for taste

mix them all and add a little amount of water to make the sauce runny


tamarind sauce:

tamarind 5 tbsp

salt 1/2 tsp

red pepper 1/2 tsp

sugar 5tbsp

water 3 cups

cook tamarind in water until it starts boiling on medium flame add salt n red chilli and cook it more 5 mints . then add sugar and cook it on medium flam untile sauce get thick. let it cool down then remove tamarind seeds


Final step:

make paratha of dough by applying little oil on roti . place chicken pieces then mayonnaise and onion slices . serve it hot with mayo garlic and tamarind sauce


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